Benefits of Exercise

We all know that any sort of physical exercise can be performed for a number of reasons including toning and shaping, sculpting the body, muscle building, weight control, increasing stamina and physical endurance, or simply for the love of being physically active. I do it because of “the love”.

Any physical activity is good for the body, but dedicated, regular exercise that raises the body temperature, increases the heart and breathing rate, and makes you sweat, is the most beneficial. As we exercise, certain changes take place in our body.

These affect the following parts of our body forcing them to work at optimum level: toning, cleansing, repairing, and strengthening our body. The following list contains the areas of our body which are affected when one performs physical exercises:

  1. Muscles – Growth of muscles
  2. Lungs – Increase of oxygen flow
  3. Heart – Pumps cleaner blood, reducing the toxins.
  4. Brain – Increases brain activity thus increasing one’s reflexes.
  5. Kidneys – better absorption of water, preventing too much water to be flushed out as urine. Over a period of time this helps the kidneys to function better.
  6. Skin – Smoother and glowing skin
  7. Joints – Better joint movement and flexibility
  8.  Reproductive Organs – body and mind is more active hence increasing one’s libido.
  9. Immune System – Exercise helps to boost the immune system and improve the ability of the immune system to fight infections.

However too much exercise is harmful. It does more harm than good. Hence it is essential to maintain a balance of optimal exercise and diet.

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