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The Carb Cycle

The Carb Cycle carbs food tomatoes bread mushroom

When it comes to carbs, there is a lot of misconception. It is true that when it comes to weight loss cutting down on the carbs is beneficial. But there is a difference between low carbs and zero carbs. Having zero carbs is unhealthy and you need to intake at least the minimum amount of […]

5 ways to Track your Progress without the Weighing scale

5 ways to Track your Progress without the Weighing scale weight, scale, feet

Now when we think about weight loss, the first thing that pops in our head is – “Need to check my weight”. But here is the thing – what if there is no scale to measure? Now just because you cannot see the numbers doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress. Getting lean doesn’t just mean […]

Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

We all know that any sort of physical exercise can be performed for a number of reasons including toning and shaping, sculpting the body, muscle building, weight control, increasing stamina and physical endurance, or simply for the love of being physically active. I do it because of “the love”. Any physical activity is good for […]