My Journey

“Dream, dare to dream. That is the first step to achieving your goal. If you give up on your dreams, what else do you have? Nothing.”

While growing up, i had a dream. A dream that one day I will be someone, someone who is acknowledged in the fitness industry, someone who broke his genetic limitations, changing his body type, get big and strong. Strong and big enough not to be a victim of bullying.
And now I stand before you as not the guy who just kept dreaming but as a guy who got up and worked hard to make that dream a reality.

When I started my fitness journey, I was a scrawny lad weighing only around 51 kgs. Constantly bullied and laughed at because of my size (mostly during my college and university days), I decided to do something about it. In the beginning I had nothing, no money to afford the luxuries of life, I had nothing except my dream. Whatever pocket money I got was spent on the gym membership and food.

The fitness life for me has been a really individual project. I couldn’t have a trainer to teach me as they were expensive. I had no one to help me with workouts, no one in the family was supportive of my endeavour. So it was all me. Reading the fitness magazines, spending hours on youtube, watching videos of Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman and Greg Plitt. It took a long time but I am finally at a level where I can pass on my knowledge to the now fitness freaks and guide them in becoming their best self.

Skinny, no problem! Fat, no problem! If you are dedicated enough to endure the hardcore process of transformation, then let me help you, guide you. And this is my promise, my reputation, my money on the stake here, I will turn you into a Beast or a Lean Machine.

It is all about DEDICATION

I did not let other people’s limiting beliefs and judgmental words to stop me from being who I am today. As a matter of fact, it motivated me to SHUT THEM UP.