5 ways to Track your Progress without the Weighing scale

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Now when we think about weight loss, the first thing that pops in our head is – “Need to check my weight”. But here is the thing – what if there is no scale to measure?

Now just because you cannot see the numbers doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress. Getting lean doesn’t just mean loss in number. From fluctuations in water weight to muscle gain, everything is a part of getting lean or slim.

So instead of obsessing over the weighing machine, try these 5 secrets –

Take progress pics

I know, it’s uncomfortable to snap a picture of yourself when you feel out of shape. But here is the thing – “it is not for the world to see”. Take pictures of yourself, every week and try from as many angles as possible. Keep them to yourselves. Photos give you that necessary degree of separation—allowing you to take a step back and reflect weeks later.

Measuring with a tape

You might take dipping numbers on the scale as an indication of progress, but not all weight loss is fat loss. To see if you’re leaning out, a tape measure can be a more effective tool. Some areas you might want to track the inches on include your chest, hips, waist, thighs, biceps, and shoulders. Knowing your measurements help you build a proportionate physique.

For example, if your right arm is an inch bigger than your left and you couldn’t see that from the pictures – this measuring tape will help out.

Record your benchmark weight of your lifts

The stronger you get, the heavier you lift, and more muscles you develop and burn more fat. Note down your lifts, the reps, the sets and rest time after every exercise. The more you train the better you get. If you are following a “get lean” or “weight loss” program, progress will be in the form of heavier lifts, tightening of your core muscles and loss of the extra fat on your muscles and increase in endurance – meaning lower rest span.

Measure your fat

If you have a fat measuring tape, then perfect. If not then this can be even done with your hands. For example, your belly fat (love handles) or fat under your arm. Before starting your fitness journey you were able to squeeze it well and good. As you continue getting leaner and fitter, try squeezing or pulling that fat, and check if you can still do it.

My personal experience, I always did that and still do it when checking my belly fat. The harder it is to grab that fat, the better it is for you. Because that means you are losing all that fat.

Try on your old clothes

The easiest and the most comfortable method, try out your old clothes that were either too tight or too loose. If those tight jeans are hanging loose now, it means you made a massive progress when it came to losing fat. If that old loose t-shirt is now tight across the chest and arms but loose around the belly, it means you gained good muscle while burning fat.

So what I wanted to convey to my readers today is that –

“do not obsess over the weighing scale. Your progress can be measured in a other ways as well.”