3 Major Misconceptions related to Fat

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As a personal trainer and professional athlete, I am definitely not a fan of fat. Fat covers the muscle and reduces the definition of it. I personally lack vascularity, but that doesn’t mean I should avoid all types of fat.

These are the few misconceptions that I would like to share with my readers today.

Eating Fat will make you Fat

This is the biggest misconception people have, hence it tops the list. There are many healthy fats out there that actually encourage weight loss in the body. For example, flax seed oil or fish oil. The thing that is actually bad and makes you gain weight is sugar. Cutting down on simple and even complex carbs, to an extent, has shown to be much more effective than cutting out fat. Simple sugars such as juice, coke, and stuff in the candy line should be first priority. This is not to say that cutting down on fat will not help. Avoiding fast food (burgers, KFC etc) should go without saying if weight-loss is the goal.

Certain Exercises target certain Fat areas

The biggest example of this misconception is – crunches will help me reduce the fat and get abs. That is something that is “bollocks”. Cardio makes you lose fat. Lifting weights makes you lose fat. High Intensity Interval Training makes you lose fat, not just crunches.

Once the fat is gone from the mid section and your abs lines can be seen nicely, then follow that up with crunches to get that defined 6 or 8 pack look. You cannot have that if you are holding a lot of fat and you think crunches will help.

Protein shake will make you fat

Again, another “bollocks”. It is astonishing the level of misconception some people have. “If you are not working out but you are having protein shake, it will make you fat”. Really, how? You eat 100 mgs of protein from food or you intake 100 mgs of protein in the form of shake, IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME. I wonder if those people even know what protein does to your body. Our Protein and carbs are the two most important things our body needs along with other nutrients. Whether you are working out or have been on a holiday – keep your protein intake on a certain level to maintain muscle mass and energy.